Way down yonder in New Orleans

New Orleans – NOLA – has its own very special vibrant energy and appeal. I went there recently for a short break, took my camera and tried to capture some of the many aspects of this incredible city.


 The jazz band in the square outside the cathedral clearly paid no attention to the sign on the lamp post.


The Natchez steams away from the dockside, hooting and churning up the Mississippi mud on a damp Sunday morning.


For Mardi Gras, the previous week, even the carriage horse’s hooves were decorated.


A hot dog vendor trundles to work through a quiet road in the French Quarter.


Cool saxophone jazz on a street corner.


The sign says “I wonder what happens if you put $$ in the box”. The statue moved and gave the donor a card with a short, positive sentence written on it.


Lively street parades happen often.


Outside a Bourbon Street bar.


This group were singing and playing hot music from the 1920s and 30s.


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