The Comeback Kid?

It’s a while since I left WordPress, in a bit of a huff too, as I was fed up with the block system which I never really got to grips with. I wanted to continue using the the old style “Classic” set up but the techie powers that be basically said “Tough – no – sorry…” when I asked. So I left. That was 2 years ago,

Well, I didn’t really leave, I just went completely dormant on WordPress and did other things instead. I updated and created a couple of other blogs using Blogger, clunky and familiar to me a it was from days gone by, and just got on with my life. There was Covid and lockdowns and all the restrictions that everyone experienced at that time. I wrote a book – a true to life account of family road trips and holidays in the US and Europe. I wrote it for my family and it took me the best part of a year while there were fewer distractions around during lockdowns, and being put into “tiers” of greater or fewer restrictions where we could and could not travel.

The last two years now seem a bit of like a surreal dream – or possibly a nightmare. Writing up the road trip holidays, along with plenty of browsing of photos helped a lot and took me back to happier times when I could see my grandchildren in the US. In lockdown life, family Zoom sessions were a big compensation and we kept in touch, but nothing could have been a substitute for seeing and hugging them for real when we did finally get together after two years.

Why the comeback now? Life has moved on, I’ve moved on. Writing this I’m still finding those infernal pop ups asking what block I’d like to use a distracting nuisance, but so far so good and I’m carrying on as if they don’t exist. Ignoring them. Especially as I’m managing perfectly well without knowing what to do with them. See, I’ve got this far!

By some mysterious muddling I managed to choose and upload a pic from my WordPress gallery for this post. I even stuck with the pop ups (please do go away…) to crop it to the size I wanted, so – progress.

Looking at my long-forgotten image gallery it was like reconnecting with a portion of my past, rewakening memories, echoes of what had gone before. I may be revisiting some distant echoes which have been resurfacing in my life over the past year, perhaps sharing something of my thoughts and experiences.

But for now, I’m back. The Comeback Kid? Maybe no longer a kid, but you get the gist.


6 thoughts on “The Comeback Kid?

  1. Hi Joyce.
    When starting a new post write the title, click on the cross to the right and choose ‘classic block’ hey presto it’s then just like the old days. I’ve not even tied to do a post in other blocks as I have no idea what they are!
    Welcome back.

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    • Hi and many thanks. I’ve muddled through just about Ok so far – it’s like riding a bike again after a bit of a break – the memory’s there but the reality is a bit daunting! I’ve tussled with inserting the pics but am getting back into the saddle with only a few expletives!! There are so many bits to click on so thanks for your guidance & the welcome back,

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