Winter wonders #2

Cashing in on the run of dry sunny days, we headed off to the Wirral for a day out in our campervan, and went to Hoylake. We parked by the prom. There’s not much to do there except walk on the prom or beach and watch waders and the distant not-very-busy shipping using Liverpool docks. Very pleasant in warm sunshine, and an almost spring-like day to go with it.

Soup warmed and lunch eaten, we moved the short distance to Red Rocks Beach, always a good place to find washed-up mermaid’s purses (empty shark/ray egg cases). We walked on the beach and through the dunes to West Kirby, timing our walk to see a spot of sunset on the way back.

The marina in West Kirby was still and mirror-like, the sun was starting to go down and there were small groups of people walking on the causeway as two clouds, looking as if they were in some kind of cosmic converation, hovered overhead. A cormorant sat, beak open, basking in the late afternoon sun. The setting sun obliged quite nicely as we walked back, dipping below the Welsh Clwydian Hills and the air began to chill.

Another of those special wintry days.


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